Spring Turkey – Last minute items

Over the years I have accumulated quite the box of Turkey hunting gear.  From calls, ( which I need to get back to practicing on), to decoys, vests, and clothing.  All these are helpful items in bagging a big gobbler but I thought it would be good to share a couple of the not so obvious items that I have picked up to aid in my success.

-A good pair of hand pruners.  These have been great when setting up quickly and you need a few branches trimmed for a shooting lane or decoy setup.


-I really like using my Thermacell bug repellent unit.  The price of the unit and refills can add up, but to me it beats being covered in bug spray.  (I still recommend some high deet level spray on clothing especially around boots and waists to repel ticks.)

-I use a camo vest designed specifically for Turkey hunting, but those can get pricey.  A simple cushion is nice to have in case you get pinned down in one spot for long periods or just need a dry, cushioned place to setup next to a tree.

-Pack-able rain gear is nice to have along just in case a pop up shower hits.  Weather changes every 30 minutes here in Michigan as we all know.

Hopefully these couple items will help you in the woods this Spring.