Shed Hunting – Michigan 2017

I went out shed hunting for the first time on Sunday (2-12-17) with no luck.  Mostly focused on the main trails that run through my property after I noticed bucks with half of their racks in trail camera photos.  I will be back out in the woods searching around for sheds this weekend, there is spring-like weather in the forecast!

Shed hunting is a great reason to get out in the woods and can be an addition to any hunting, hiking, or scouting mission.  I have never been very lucky in finding sheds and would like to expand my search areas in the future.  I figure it is a good way to maybe meet some of the local land owners as well.  They may be more willing to let you just look for sheds rather than hunt their property at first.  It will allow you to build trust with them while scouting the area and maybe someday you can hunt the property or learn where deer are coming from and going to when they leave your parcel.