Scentlok OZ Radial 400B: How To Deodorize Your Clothes

The OZ Radial 400B ozone generator is the most versatile ozone generator on the market. You can literally use it anywhere. In your car (just place it in your cup holder), a room, your closet and as show in the video above…in your hunting tote. The method outlined in this video is (in my opinion) the most efficient and effective way to deodorize your clothes using the Scentlok OZ Radial 400B and a standard Rubbermaid tote.

ScentLok OZ400 Radial Portable Deodorizer (82918) Black OSFA

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Whatever game you are chasing that has a keen sense of smell, the OZ Radial 400B, a typical Rubbermaid bin and this method will help you reduce your chances of getting winded. It worked for me, it’ll work for you!