Getting Started Without Breaking The Bank

Predator hunting is the fastest growing hunting segment and for good reason: It’s a lot of fun. It doesn’t take a whole lot of gear to get started either. You probably already have camo and a decent rifle or shotgun. Outside of that, all you need is a call to start chasing predators. Here’s a few great electronic calls for under $100.

Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS2

CCB Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS2 Electronic Predator Call

Johnny Stewart has been making electronic game calls for A LONG TIME. Their animal sounds and sound quality have a proven track record and this call is no exception. I personally purchased this call just over a year ago and I’ve been very pleased with it’s performance. It’s loud, clear sounds are very authentic and the system as a whole is simply to use. With 10 pre-programmed sounds and a 100 yard remote range, it’s ready to go right out of the box. If you wish to add more sounds, Johnny Steward has 100’s of easy-to-download sounds that make customization a breeze.

Foxpro Deadbone

FOXPRO Deadbone American Made Electronic Predator Call

Foxpro is the hands-down leader in electronic game calls. Foxpro calls and their legendary Jackrabbit Distress sound kill more coyotes each year than any other call. They are top-notch. The Deadbone is their entry-level call, but rest assured it’s built to the same quality standards as their higher priced models. This call comes with 15 pre-programmed sounds on a super easy-to-use remote and has the ability to play 2 sounds simultaneously. Made in the USA, 1 year warranty and excellent customer service. This call is perfect for the beginning predator hunter

Icotec GEN2 GC300

Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Game Call

Icotec is a newer player in the electronic call industry and they’ve made a big splash in the market with the GC300. At the entry-level price point, this call leads the pack with remote range at an impressive 300 yards. The GC300 also has the best battery life in the under $100 category. With 12 pre-programmed sounds, an easy-to-use remote and the ability to add an additional external speaker there’s a reason this call is so popular. It works, very well.

Primos Dog Catcher

Primos Dog Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Will Primos is one of the most experienced and trusted game caller (of any species) in the country. Primos has made quality calls for years and the Primos Dog Catcher is a top-notch, entry level electronic call. 12 pre-programmed sounds developed by Randy Anderson on an easy-to-use remote make this call a snap to use on your first hunt. The 150 yard remote range is 2nd only to the Icotech GC300 but is more than enough for any setup. This call also has independently adjustable legs, which may not seem important but can prove to be a game-changing feature when positioning the call on uneven ground. Like all Primos products, this call will not disappoint.

Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS1

Johnny Stewart PT-5 Grim Speaker GS-1 Electronic Predator Call

At under $30 this is a great, simple, no BS call for any beginner. 5 pre-programmed sounds, 50 yard remote range and an extremely simple remote button layout. It doesn’t get any easier (or cheaper) than this when it comes to a quality electronic predator call. For the hunter on a tight budget, this is the call for you.

Once You Start Predator Hunting…You’ll Be Hooked

Seriously, once you try it…you’ll be absolutely hooked. It’s exciting, fast-paced and a great way to hit the woods during the winter months. Like any genre of hunting, predator hunting gear can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get started. Grab your favorite gun, put on some late-season camo on and snag one of these great electronic game calls. Oh, and take a buddy out with you. Predator hunting is even more fun when done with friends and family!


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may receive compensation, however all opinions are my own.*