Ozone Generator Review: Buyer Benchmark

Ozone Generators: Next Level Scent Control

Ozone generators are the hot item in today’s deer hunting gear bag. Many companies are producing ozone generators and it’s difficult to understand what separates each product/brand. That’s where our friends at Buyer Benchmark come in! Roger and company have put together a fantastic review about today’s latest ozone generators and the technology behind each product. Check out their latest article:


Like many hunters, I am also new to the ozone generator craze. However, this year I purchased my first Ozone Generator: The Scentlok  OZ Radial 400.

Scent-Lok OZ400 Radial Portable Deodorizer (82918) Black OSFA

In your hunting tote or closet it really shines, literally removing ALL scent from your gear/clothing (be sure NOT to put your treestand safety harness in with an ozone generator). I’ve also used the OZ Radial 400 in my truck to help reduce scent in the vehicle before I head out to one of my hunting properties (the unit fits perfectly in your cup holder). Oh, and you can charge your phone with the OZ 400!

Though expensive, ozone generators are, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment for new and experienced deer hunters. As this technology continues to advance, more options and a wide range of prices are now available. Whatever your budget is, there is an ozone generator out there to fit your needs.

Stay safe and good luck in the woods!