Mineral Lick for Spring Buck Pics

The boys are back in town! These are the first buck pictures of the year on my home property in Southwest Michigan.

First Bucks of 2017
First Bucks of 2017
First Bucks of 2017

Now is a great time to setup a mineral lick and place a trail camera over it. Both bucks and does crave minerals in the Spring, take advantage of it and start taking an early inventory of your deer herd.

TSC Trace Mineral Block

My favorite mineral is also one of the cheapest you can get. This 50 lb trace mineral block at Tractor Supply is awesome. Deer love it, it last about 1 year and it costs about $6. Last season this very block out-performed Trophy Rock and Deer Cane on my property. Give it a try and start getting some great spring deer pics!


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