Michigan Spring Turkey 2017 – Less than a month away!

The first Spring Turkey Hunts in Michigan are less than a month away now!  Turkey season is a great way to introduce new hunters to the outdoors.  It can be very frustrating, but is always exciting when a mature gobbler is responding to calls or an old hen comes in for a close encounter.

On my property it seems turkeys  vanish in the winter months.  I think it is because my neighbors across the road have a observation bait site year round and their property looks like a perfect wintering spot for turkeys.  Food, hills and big trees for roosting.

Anyways.  I have noticed that the turkeys are once again out and about, and with season less than a month away that is a good thing.  I have been seeing more and more tracks around my property and it seems they are getting back to their spring habits again.  I have also seen a few gobblers crossing the road and even had one in half strut the other morning.  As the weather continues to warm the thunderous gobbles should start in the mornings!!

Get out and start looking for turkey sign now so you will be ready to setup come April or May.

Check the Michigan DNR website for leftover license info if you forgot to apply or need to buy an over the counter tag.

More thoughts and updates to come!