Michigan CWD Proposals

Michigan CWD Proposals Are The Hot Topic In 2018

2018 will be a VERY important year for the future of Michigan’s deer herd. As CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) continues to jeopardize our deer herd, the Michigan DNR has proposed several ideas to combat this disease. Some ideas I agree with. Others, I do not. Ultimately, this year will set the stage for Michigan’s deer hunting future.

My goal in this article is not to convince you of what I feel is “right vs. wrong.” You can find plenty of opinions on Facebook and hunting forums. This article is intended to provide YOU with some of the information I have found regarding CWD, the plans of the Michigan DNR and a forum to voice your opinion.

What is CWD?

Straight from The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC):


Dr. Grant Woods & His Take On CWD

Dr. Grant Woods is one of the most reputable voices in the hunting community. Here is a great podcast from Wired To Hunt which shares Grant’s take on CWD:


Michigan’s CWD Proposals

Here are the proposals from Michigan’s CWD working group:


Voice Your Opinion

Use this link to voice your opinion. Click on the button “Give us your thoughts, ideas and possible actions to combat CWD” to submit an online survey with your recommendations/opinions. Scroll a little further down to find the list of upcoming CWD Public Engagement Meetings.


Michigan United Conservation Clubs

The MUCC has done a great job posting videos from CWD Public Engagement Meetings on their Facebook page. These videos really help clarify the proposals published on the Michigan DNR’s website:


Michigan’s Deer Hunting Future Needs Your Engagement

Please, everyone…VOICE YOUR OPINION. Use these links, do some of your own research and let the Michigan DNR know how you feel. 2018 could be one of the most important year’s in Michigan’s deer hunting future. EVERYONE needs to be involved.


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