Maverick’s Indiana Buck

I was fortunate enough to harvest this Indiana buck nicknamed “Lil Brow” this past weekend on October 21st around 6:30 PM.   Lil Brow got his nickname for his short brows because the first picture we got of him showed a side view and his face appeared to be much “fatter” than your typical 2 year old.

Late morning of the 21st I snuck into the my property and grabbed an SD card from a camera in the location of where I thought I should be getting some more buck activity as it got colder and man was I right.  Lil Brow was in there almost everyday in the past 10 tearing up trees and making scrapes!  When preparing to go out that night I had a gut feeling that I was going to get an opportunity at this deer.  I decided to head in early because deer were starting to cruise through that area around 5 PM  in prior days.  I ran a drag line with Cook’s Fatal Deer Scent (doe in heat) all the way to the stand to hopefully entice this buck to come in even more.

From my trail camera analytics out of Hunt Perfect this buck was coming in routinely from that 5-7 PM range under a wind direction of SW, SSE, or S  in this location.

Using Hunt Perfect helped me dial in on this buck.
Using Hunt Perfect helped me dial in on this buck.


Around 6 PM some little button bucks wandered in at about 5 yards but acted very nervous and kept looking back at the main trail.  About 5 minutes after that I saw a much bigger bodied deer pop out with his nose to the ground following that doe in heat scent.  It ended up bringing him right in to 15 yards, I drew back my Parker bow and hit him with a 3 blade NAP spitfire.  The shot was a little high but got both lungs!  I watched him barrel up after running about 50 yards!!  Even though Lil Brow wasn’t a monster I’m very proud of this deer!

My 2017 buck "Lil Brow."
My 2017 buck “Lil Brow.”