Late November Success

Success the 2nd half of November can be tough. It’s cold, the peak rut has passed and long sits can result in slow deer movement. On the ¬†flip side, the 2nd half of November can (and often does) produce amazing results. Big bucks fall every year when the snow starts flying and other hunters start focusing on Thanksgiving dinner instead of a target buck. If you’re like me and haven’t filled a buck tag yet, don’t get down. Get motivated.

I read this article written by Mark Kenyon from Wired To Hunt this week and it is exactly what every struggling hunter needs to hear:

How To Kill A Buck During The Second Half of November

Mark is 100% right. Deer right now are pressured, locked down with does and daylight buck movement is dramatically less than the first half of November. However, bucks are still in your area. They’re still trying to breed the last remaining does. And because of that, bucks can and will make small mistakes. The only way to capitalize on any brief daylight movement is to be in the woods.


If you take anything away from Mark’s article, take this: GRIND. IT. OUT. This time of year is not for the weak. It’s not for the “weekend warrior.” This time is where the men are separated from the boys. Where smart, seasoned veterans are hunting smarter and harder than anyone else in the woods. Be prepared for long sits, limited movement and seemingly crappy hunting. But, remember those long hours are spent trying to capitalize on a few minutes (or even seconds) where a buck makes a mistake. The big boy you have been after won’t make many right now, but he will make some. And YOU need to be out there when he does.

This SW Michigan giant showed his face for the first time Nov. 22nd, 2016.
This SW Michigan giant showed his face for the first time Nov. 22nd, 2016.

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away. Enjoy an afternoon of family, friends and delicious food. As soon as you’re done, put your game face on. If you “grind it out” and remind yourself it only takes seconds to turn a season around, YOU may be the one who capitalizes on a late November giant.

Good luck, friends! I’ll be out there with you!