Jeff’s First Deer Season – Michigan 2016

Jeff's First Deer Season
Jeff’s First Deer Season

Jeff is a good family friend who just this past season got started in the great sport of deer hunting. Jeff has grown up around firearms and hunters in the family, but never tried the sport himself. Within the last year Jeff purchased a home with a great little section of woods, so over the summer I told him “We need to get out there and do some deer hunting.” It didn’t take much convincing from me, he was in. Jeff bought a crossbow (the same bow my brother uses) and in no time he was placing bolts right where they need to be. I brought a few extra stands out to Jeff’s place and we were ready to hunt.

Personally, I feel a little bad. I only got to hunt with Jeff a couple of times over the course of the season. But what was awesome is Jeff didn’t need me or anyone else out there to hit the ground running and give deer hunting a try! What’s even more impressive was Jeff’s maturity during his first deer season. He had a buck within crossbow range during his first hunt on opening morning and elected not to shoot because it just wasn’t a good shot. Man was I proud when he told me that. Neither Jeff nor I took a deer off his property this year but I think it’s safe to say Jeff is hooked. My gut tells me you’ll be seeing a successful hunting picture from Jeff very soon!