Hunt Perfect SD Card Case

The Hunt Perfect SD Card Case

Calling all trail cam junkies. Is that you? If so, you gotta check out the Hunt Perfect SD Card Case, brought to you by Guardian Outdoors. This awesome little case is waterproof, shock resistant and can hold up to 16 SD cards in its pre-cut foam interior. It’s simple. It’s durable. It’s effective.

Hunt Perfect's SD Card Case, by Guardian Outdoors.
Hunt Perfect’s SD Card Case, by Guardian Outdoors.

Why You NEED One

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You know what really sucks? Damaged SD cards. Sure they aren’t THAT expensive these days. But it really hurts when you are checking that camera, way back in your property that’s been sitting for months. You reach into your pocket, pull out your crappy SD card bag, only to find that your last SD card is damaged and doesn’t work. I’ve been there, several times. It’s not fun.

Hunt Perfect Rugged Trail Camera SD Card Protective Case by Guardian, Water Proof, Shock Resistant, Protector Box Storage, Holder for 16 SD Cards, Tough Portable Box

I personally hunt a lot of swampy, nasty property. Prior to getting my SD Card Case, I used an old Ziploc bag. Water, mud, impacts from navigating tough terrain. I jacked up a lot of SD cards. Now that I this case, no issues. No water, no mud, no broken heart when I get to the back of my property and can’t swap the card in my camera. Just throw the case in a backpack or cargo pocket and go.

Before Hunt Perfect. After Hunt Perfect.
Before Hunt Perfect. After Hunt Perfect.
Pair This Case With The Hunt Perfect SD Card Reader And Software

The perfect combo: Hunt Perfect’s SD Card Case , SD Card Reader and Trail Camera Software. Literally everything a hunter needs to check a round of trail cameras, both in the field and back at home.

Hunt Perfect 4 in 1 Trail Camera SD Card Reader to View Any Hunting Photo or Video from Trail cam, for iPhone iPad Mac & Android, SD & MicroSD, PC, Free CASE, Free Lighting & Type-C Extenders

The SD reader is easy, reliable and works with just about every device imaginable. Hunt Perfect’s software will also help you take your scouting and trail cam data to the next level.

The Perfect Gift

Christmas is right around the corner and I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer than these products from Hunt Perfect. You have a trail cam addict in your family, I know you do. They will love this stuff. Maybe YOU are the trail cam addict?  Well, better make your order 2x!

Enjoy the holidays and good luck out in the woods!