First Bow Buck And One Proud Father

First Archery Buck

At last light this monster came off my left side out of a field at 11 yards. I was as nervous as can be, this was the widest buck I’d ever seen. I watched him for a few minutes as he worked his way in front me. When he put his head down I drew my bow back, shaking with anticipation. I closed my eyes for a  few seconds, then opened them and released my arrow . The buck ran about 50 yards and crashed!

My first bow buck.
My first bow buck.

I texted my dad and bro and told them the news. 30 minutes later I had my dad, bro and a good buddy come help. When we got to the buck it was the same deer my buddy had skimmed on the back and the buck my dad could never get a shot at. This deer was all over his trail cam pics. It was amazing how my dad reacted, he was a proud father that night.  Scoring 165, this was my first bow buck!