Matt & Aline Thielking
Matt & Aline Thielking

Name: Matt Thielking

Location: SW Michigan

Favorite Hunting Method: Compound Bow, Crossbow

Welcome to Draggin’ Deer Outdoors! Thank you for visiting the site and sharing our mission: BE A SPORTSMAN, MAKE A SPORTSMAN. From the moment I could hold a BB gun or fishing pole I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the outdoors. I’ve had the privilege of hunting and fishing as far south as Texas and as far north as Canada, making countless friends and memories along the way. The past few years, my passion for the outdoors has extended into not only catching big fish or chasing big bucks but introducing new people to the outdoor lifestyle. I’m so excited to see the impact Draggin’ Deer Outdoors can make in our outdoor community and I hope you are too! Let’s all get involved and do our part to BE SPORTSMAN and MAKE SPORTSMAN!