“Doe Camp” 2016

October 1st, 2016: My friends and family have nicknamed the opening weekend of Michigan’s archery season “Doe Camp.” The properties we hunt normally don’t produce many buck sightings until late October, so early season is a great time to put a doe or two in the freezer. “Doe Camp” is great time for friends and family as well. The weather is nice, mature does are on the hit list so the camp’s chance of success is high and everyone is simply excited to start the season. And…its a PERFECT time and atmosphere to introduce someone new to the outdoors!

This particular morning was very wet. Heavy rain started the previous evening and did not let up a bit when we got to our property. However, the weather report said the rain was supposed to stop at sunrise and to our surprise…it did exactly that. As soon as the rain stopped and the sun came up, the deer were moving. 30 minutes later this good size doe came walking through and gave me an easy 18 yard shot. It all happened fast, so fast I really didn’t have time to get excited or nervous until I watched this doe disappear over a ridge with my arrow in her side. That’s when the shaky hands and excitement kicked in! My hunting partners and I waited about 45 minutes before tracking. The blood trail posed a bit of a challenge with the wet ground but we managed to find the doe about 200 yards away. Doe Camp was a success yet again!

Another successful "Doe Camp"
Another successful “Doe Camp”