Charter Fishing On The Great Lakes

Summer is FINALLY here! Long days, hot weather and lots of sunshine means IT’S FISHING SEASON. I love hunting, I really really do. But man, it sure feels nice being on a boat, dock or shoreline with a rod in one hand and a cold beer in the other. And what better way to introduce someone new to the outdoors than to take them fishing. Young or old, man or woman, everyone loves catching fish.¬† And one of THE BEST fishing experiences in the world (yes, the entire world) is summer fishing on The Great Lakes.

Manistee Mama Charters out of South Haven, MI.
Manistee Mama Charters out of South Haven, MI.
Take A Charter

Charters are one of the best ways to experience summer fishing on The Great Lakes. My friends and family do at least one Lake Michigan charter trip every year and it’s an absolute blast. No experience required, no gear required. Just pay and fish. And if you get enough people to fill boat to capacity, charters are relatively inexpensive ($100 per person for the trip plus a tip for fish cleaning).

Luis's monster King Salmon.
Luis’s monster King Salmon.

And I mean it when I say charter fishing is an absolute blast. On Lake Michigan (where we fish) you’ll find most charters fishing for salmon, lake trout and steelhead. These fish get big and fight hard. One minute you’re enjoying the view, chatting with your friends and family. The next minute rods start going crazy, everyone yells “FISH ON” and someone¬† hands you a rod with what feels like a swimming cinder block on the other end. It’s a rush and a workout.

Emily's Lake Michigan King Salmon.
Emily’s Lake Michigan King Salmon.
Incredible Table Fare

All of The Great Lakes contain tasty fish. Salmon, trout, walleye and perch are the top tier of “tastiest fish” and that’s exactly what fishing charters are targeting. Ever eaten a salmon or walleye that’s only a few hours old? Holy crap is it good. Even an average day of fishing will normally yield 1-2 freezer bags of fish for each person. It’s well worth money, trust me.

Capt. Ellis and Capt. Corey cleaning our fish.
Capt. Ellis and Capt. Corey cleaning our fish.
“When are we going again?”

Everyone I’ve ever taken on a Great Lakes fishing charter always asks, “When are we going again?” Seriously everyone. Everyone on every trip has always had a great time. Smiling faces and fishing stories always start as soon as we get back to the dock. The comradery , the memories made and the time outdoors with your closest friends is well worth every penny.

Thielking Family Fishing Trip - Lots of Lake Trout
Thielking Family Fishing Trip – Lots of Lake Trout
Eric's first King Salmon.
Eric’s first King Salmon.

Carve out some time this summer, gather your friends and family and book a Great Lakes fishing charter. And, invite a few people who haven’t been exposed to The Great Outdoors. You’ll have a blast, they’ll have a blast and when all is said and done, you’ll be eating the best fish dinner of your life.


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