Back To The Woods

I grew up around people who are sportsmen. In fact, I participated every year in a fall pheasant hunt with various friends and family and it was always a ton of fun. I’d go up to deer camp every year during rifle season as well, but unfortunately deer hunting was something I was never very successful at. I was able to harvest a small 4 point in my younger years, but eventually frustration and boredom along with a timely move to college led me to lose interest for a while.

Enter the year 2017, about five years since the last time I tried and some eight or nine years after getting my little 4 point. I decided to give deer hunting another try since I am now out of college and met some great friends at work who embrace the sport as well. It was

October 8th, a warm, clear, Sunday evening when I decided to head out to my tree stand on my girlfriend’s family’s land. I made this decision completely on a whim, and didn’t check the wind direction or apply the normal plethora of scent killers, so I figured it my chances would be slim to none.

As I snuck out to my stand, I spotted a doe and her two fawns eating under the tree, so I waited until they moved on. It was late, about 6:30pm, when I finally got out to the stand. Almost an hour after I settled in, at 7:28, a young six point came casually strolling into my feeding area. I knew this was my opportunity, and my heart was pounding.

He walked by broadside and when he was about 15-20 yards away in my shooting lane, I took the shot and he dropped immediately. It was hard to watch, but since I saw him stop moving I was fairly certain he was safe to approach. It took me mere seconds to get to him, and upon further inspection, I had hit him a bit high, just below the spinal cord. The broad head had pierced his spinal cord on entry, and the exit wound showed a clean hole where the bolt had pierced the right lung. Not the best shot, but it did the trick. The little guy turned out to be 115 lbs dressed.

My first archery deer and first deer in 8 years.
My first archery deer and first deer in 8 years.

It didn’t take long for me to get that first harvest since returning to the sport. I’m really glad I did, and it was really satisfying knowing all the hard work and preparations had paid off. I plan to go up north to deer camp in Kalkaska during rifle season with the hopes of getting an even bigger buck! Now I just need to find some extra freezer space in my tiny apartment…