Andy Thielking’s First Deer – Michigan 2015

2015: Andy Thielking’s first deer.

Andy's first deer
Andy’s first deer


I was for fortunate enough to be in the blind with my brother, Andy Thielking, when he harvested his first deer. Andy and I both began hunting at an early age but luck was never on Andy’s side when we were younger. He missed a couple of deer early in his hunting career and eventually school work and sports took priority over hunting. After my wife and I purchases our house/property, Andy came to me and said “Ya know, I wanna get back into hunting.” A few months later my family bought Andy a crossbow for his birthday and his excitement was restored. We hit the woods for “Doe Camp” with one goal in mind: GET ANDY A DEER.

As soon as the sun came up that October 1st morning we had a group of does work through our property. It didn’t take long for the deer to get within shooting range but there were just too many limbs in the way to make a clear shot. So we waited…and waited…and waited. I don’t know whose heart was beating faster, mine or Andy’s. Finally this doe stepped out of the brush and gave Andy a 15 yard shot chip shot. He put a perfect bolt right behind her shoulder and after a very short tracking effort Andy finally got to lay hands on his first deer. As brothers, sharing that moment was so special. I didn’t care if we didn’t see another deer all season, the 2015 season was a success with that harvest.