Aline Thielking’s First Deer – Texas 2012

2012: Aline Thielking’s first deer

This was the inspiration behind Draggin’ Deer Outdoors. This is what got ME hooked on MAKING SPORTSMAN. Watching my girlfriend (at the time, now she’s my wife) shoot her first deer was awesome. Just plain AWESOME. I was probably more nervous than she was when this buck came strolling through the Texas brush. The only downside to this hunt was it only took Aline an hour and a half to kill her first buck…it took me 3 YEARS. I’ll never live that down, but I don’t care. The excitement in that blind after she made a 10 yard shot (yes, he came all the way to 10 yards) was indescribable. It’s a moment we will both cherish for the rest of our lives and it was that moment that truly turned my wife into a SPORTSWOMAN.

Aline's First Buck
Aline’s First Buck

Check out the video below to see Aline’s reaction after harvesting her first deer!