Welcome to Draggin’ Deer Outdoors. Our mission is simple: BE A SPORTSMAN, MAKE A SPORTSMAN. Draggin’ Deer Outdoors is a community dedicated to providing information, resources and opportunities to those new to hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

There is no greater outdoor experience than harvesting your first animal or catching your first fish. Our job is to offer that experience! We are outdoor mentors constantly seeking the opportunity to expose someone new to the outdoors. Those who accompany a DDO Team are required to purchase one thing: A valid license. We supply the rest. No one should have to pay a large sum of money to experience the beauty of The Great Outdoors.

Or, maybe you want to buy your own outdoor gear? Our team of experienced sportsman can help you select products, locations and strategies to ensure your first outdoor experience becomes the memory of a lifetime.

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Join us as we strive to introduce as many people as possible to the outdoor lifestyle!

-Matt Thielking

¬†Owner & Founder – Draggin’ Deer Outdoors, LLC